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Co-authored Blog Posts

Productivity in career choice from a mentoring relationship

- Productivity in career choice from a mentoring relationship Helena Horvat UC’23 and Jim Stellar The goal of this blog post is to discuss how a mentoring relationship can develop between a faculty member and an undergraduate student and how that… ...Read More


Guest Papers by Students, Staff, and Faculty (edited by JS)

Processification and the University Structure

- Processification and the University Structure by Jim Stellar, Robert Hamilton, and Emily Barrett   University operations tend to grow like the crystalline arms of a snowflake or the organic branches of a tree. They start from a spot and branch… ...Read More

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Who We Are


Who We are and What We Do

The blog began as a partnership between an older (Jim Stellar) and a younger (Shwen Gwee) guy. Then when Jim began doing research for the book, he was helped by one of the first blog co-authors (Adrienne Dooley) who became a project manager for a team of researchers, ranging from students to professionals who worked to develop the book and continue to talk in an on-line forum. Now, the three of us have added a third section of short papers that examine topics in greater depth than possible in a blog.

The whole idea of the website is to discuss experiential education programs and  learning with a focus on what can be taken from neuroscience, cognitive, and social science research.  We believe that this research is showing that the brain is built to operate and make decisions in two ways – in conscious rational decision-making mode and in unconscious instinctive decision-making mode. We think that this dual view, which applies to economics, also applies to higher education.  It suggests important and natural ways that learning from direct experience can powerfully complement the classical classroom-based curriculum to improve student outcomes in and after college.

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