Building confidence through Twitter   Zaniub Amir UA’17 and Jim Stellar   Zainub is one of our most successful students, now a senior. The university has featured her on our posters placed on campus. It wrote a piece about her … Continued



Octavia’s journey began when she was a freshman. After hearing a fellow Northeastern University Student speak about her experience studying abroad in Ghana, there was no doubt in Octavia’s mind that she had to travel abroad as well. As she described:
“The moment she finished her presentation I knew that I had to see the deep indigo coastline, smell the hustle of a day’s work that began at 5 a.m. with the mango-colored sun, hear the earth’s heart beat as it danced from the Njombe [a district of Tanzania].”
For Erin, a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, her journey to the NASA Johnson Space Center began with an e-mail from an advisor about a fellowship program at NASA.

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This is a moment on of intersection. Perhaps it always is. But the moment about which we write here comes from the confluence of developments in modern neuroscience in revealing the inner workings of the brain and the implications of … Continued